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To increase trial and collect first part data, a leading household brand distributed a samples to consumers through a custom and secure web experience. The campaign included leveraging the brand’s existing media plan, and leveraged our unique targeting capabilities to only allow certain consumers to claim the sample.

+ 73% of consumers created a profile and OPTED in to receive emails from the brand

+ 98% trial to new users of the category

+ 82% increase in Ratings & Reviews on their e-commerce websites
case study


To increase ratings & reviews on their retailers’ website, a leading skincare brand distributed a samples to a highly targeted audience. The campaign included the acquisition of reviews on syndication networks and on social media.

+ 100% achievement of targeted number of reviews

+ 50% cost savings after switching from another provider
case study


To increase sales on their e-commerce sites, a notable fragrance brand distributed 7 vial-on-card samples to consumers through a consumer-funded sampling program. The campaign included promotion through media partnerships, and add-to-cart connectivity to drive purchases to their e-commerce site.

+ 91% of people sampled purchased on their e-commerce site

+ 63% of consumers opt-ed in to receive emails from the brand